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In the course of running a google search to see if I even show up, I came across this link to 17 Ways To Murder Your Boss.  It’s two pages of games, not all actually relating to killing your boss, but it has a few that are worthy of mention here at HTMYB.

Whack Your Boss is a funny office simulation wherein you find the 7 ways to whack your boss.   I am particularly fond of this one as it allows you to take out your frustration with common office products and have the bloody mess cleaned up by a dude in a dark trench coat.  I think my favorite involves use of the trash can…

Also fun is Office War, wherein you actually have to watch out for your boss while you battle other employees in a paper ball fight.

The rest is a motley assortment of other time wasters that will let you bleed out your aggression in a society sanctioned manner.


Update: now has 20 ways to whack your boss online!



I had a lousy day at work.  No, let’s be honest, I’ve had a lousy month.  Today was just the latest in a long line of actions that leave me with visions of homicide dancing in my head.  I was telling my mother in law about the latest episode and how sometimes I think about how I’d murder my boss if I wouldn’t get caught.  And the idea stuck.  This is actually not the first boss I’ve wanted to whack.  There was this architect years ago…  But it occurred to me that this is a universal experience for people.  EVERYBODY has, at one time or other, had a boss that they hated and fantasized about killing.  I thought about how cathartic it would be to write out some of those fantasies.  How I’d do it.  And then I got the idea for this site and a series of novellas.

Here you will meet the heroines of those novellas.  Women who come from several walks of life and experience different frustrations at their jobs.  But the thing that they share in common is that they all hate their boss.  To blow off steam, they form a little murder club, gathering each week to plot how they would kill off their offending boss.  It’s all in good, cathartic fun…until the first boss turns up dead.  One by one, all the Bad Bosses die, and the friends must band together to solve the cases and clear their names.

As you meet each of these women, I hope you’ll stop by to share your own Bad Boss stories.  We can plot their murder together.  😀